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              SAIC MOTOR

              鈥淕iving Life N+n Possibilities鈥: SAIC Maxus Shows up at Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition with G50 Debut and RG10_网上真钱二八杠

              璧嬭兘鐢熸椿N+n绉嶅彲鑳 鐨囧啝浣撹偛澶ч氭惡G50棣栧彂娆俱丷G10浜浉骞垮窞瓒侀瓍灞

              Coming to Guangzhou, many people wish they could have one more stomach. This is an inclusive city with delicious foods. Birds and beasts, delicacies from land and sea and potherbs all can become the foods on the table, making you forget to return. Guangzhou鈥檚 pioneering and innovative nature is reflected on the matter of 鈥渇inding food鈥 incisively and vividly. For this reason, Guangzhou has always maintained its prosperity and vitality with a broader vision and a pragmatic and enterprising attitude from the 鈥渢housand-year commercial capital鈥 to the 鈥渋nternational hub鈥.

              On November 17, on this fertile soil, which is keen on 鈥渘ot acting according to common sense鈥, SAIC Maxus, which also adheres to the spirit of innovation and openness, held the launch ceremony themed by 鈥済iving life N+ n possibilities鈥 at the 16th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, bringing SAIC Group鈥檚 first all-around family travel MPV, SAIC Maxus G50 debut to users, and announcing that SAIC Maxus RV RG10 debut of sunshine version was officially on the market. There are two models available for SAIC Maxus all-around family travel intermediate MPV G50 debut. The debut-manual elite version is 91,800 yuan, while the debut -automatic luxury version is 123,800 yuan, corresponding to 1.3T and 1.5T power respectively. The G50 will be on the market after the Spring Festival 2019. SAIC Maxus announced that the price range of MPV roof camping RV RG10 is 259,800 yuan to 319,800 yuan. The debut of the sunshine version, which went on sale on the same day at 279,800 yuan, can be customized through 鈥淪pider Smart Choice鈥. At the same time, the large Internet MPV G10 PLUS, epoch-making pick-up T60, full-size intelligent customized Internet SUV D90 and other models also gathered at the automobile exhibition site, showing the prospective technology and innovative achievements of SAIC Maxus.

              The debut sale will be decided by users

              At present, there are divergent views on whether it is a 鈥渃onsumption upgrade鈥 era or a 鈥渃onsumption downgrade鈥 era. However, the phenomenon class shopping carnival of 鈥渄ouble 11鈥, with the fancy discount that you will feel like buying after a glance, conjures up the purchasing power of the people. If the price that consumers care most about and are sensitive to is decided by consumers themselves, I believe no one will refuse.

              On August 8, SAIC Maxus family use MPV G50 launched a consumer-oriented pricing campaign, in which users participated in the selection and entered the expected price. So far, more than 858,000 people have participated in the campaign, providing the pricing data of 1.26 million people. In this way, compared with traditional research method by which only hundreds of samples can be obtained, SAIC Maxus could collect and analyze the massive user data to provide true input based on user needs for product pricing and configuration portfolio policies, so that consumers can truly be masters of their own. In short, SAIC Maxus heard the users鈥 voice!

              To this end, SAIC Maxus arranged the most centralized configurations of the users on G50 debut. This 鈥渦sers鈥 most desired model鈥 matches with the most popular and selected configurations in users, including LED headlights, panoramic skylights, 360-degree panoramic images, SAIC Ali zebra intelligent interconnected system, front airbag, side airbag, side air curtain triple protection, ISOFIX children鈥檚 seats at two-and-three rows, high-end privacy glass and so on, so that users can buy it before the MPV G50 whole series is officially available. Before the G50 whole series is officially released, consumers can order this model through the 鈥淪pider Smart Choice鈥 smart selector, and enjoy the 鈥渄ebut financial gift鈥 of 30% down payment, 18- installment zero-interest rate and 60- installment low interest ultra-long loan, and the 鈥渄ebut intelligent connection gift鈥 of zebra smart system free of traffic forever.

              In addition, SAIC Maxus also launched the 鈥淕 50 Happiness Catcher-Almighty Family Travel MPV Creation Project鈥. During the event, the five happiness catchers recruited by SAIC Maxus will, on the basis of the original configuration of the G50 model, according to their own definition and creativity of car, transform an all-around family travel MPV that only belongs to them to experience the most extreme C2B car making process. After completing the transformation task, the happiness catchers will be given the right to use the car for one year! (Scan the QR code below to participate in the 鈥淕 50 Happiness Catcher-Almighty Family Travel MPV Creation Project鈥, or download 鈥淢y Travel MAXUS鈥 APP to sign up.)

              Keeping upgrading, Spider Smart Choice 鈥渒nows you鈥 better and better

              Whether you are a travel enthusiast who likes family travel, or a father with a second child who focuses on a better family life, or a young person who begins to be outstanding, all your good imaginations about intelligent travel can be found in this SAIC Maxus all-round family travel intermediate MPV. Moreover, in the C2B 2.0 phase where the entire range of models of SAIC Maxus has been added to the customization, users will also be able to customize SAIC Maxus G50 through the 鈥淪pider Smart Choice鈥 smart selector. SAIC Maxus also announced another surprise exclusive to Chuang Ka Hui members. The members can get exclusive invitation code to customize 200 SAIC Maxus G50 cars through online 鈥淪pider Smart Choice鈥. (Scan the QR code below to customize G50, or download 鈥淢y Travel MAXUS鈥 APP to participate in the customization on the activity page.)

              At the same time, 鈥淪pider Smart Choice鈥 also continues to optimize to keep up with user needs step by step. At the Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition, SAIC Maxus once again carried out four major updates to 鈥淪pider Smart Choice鈥 from the point of view of bringing a better user experience, including:

              Richer optional contents: from car selection to accessories selection, service extension: users can not only choose a full range of Maxus models online, but also choose accessories, finance, warranty extension, repair, maintenance and other services.

              Smoother, more convenient and intelligent interactive experience: new touch screen interaction and horizontal screen mode make the car selection experience smoother.

              AI Intelligent Voice Assistant: concise voice and graphic description and intelligent AI interaction make the car selection process more convenient and more vivid.

              The intelligent recommendation that knows you well: Spider Smart Choice can recommend more intelligently models and configurations according to user needs, so that the car selection process is simpler and more accurate.

              RV life perfectly encounters poetry and distance

              As an innovator and leader in the field of Chinese RV, SAIC Maxus RV, relying on the technical advantages of SAIC Group, and adhering to the high standard original factory quality and manufacturing strength, continues to provide the RV products with best quality and temperature to the new generation of consumers who pursue a better life. After the RV80 series, which is favored by RV enthusiasts, SAIC Maxus has launched an innovative MPV roof camping RV, RG10, which is the first in the industry to enter this cross-border area, bringing a new life experience of perfect urban and natural switching.

              When you enter SAIC Maxus RG10 RV interior, the warm and comfortable interior will give you a feeling of home. It is equipped with kitchen appliances, one-button electric roof, double bed and four sleeping positions, camp level water and electricity outlet, privacy coloring glass and even high-end RV integrated heating bathroom system. SAIC Maxus RG10, with its 鈥渞oom鈥 properties, also has large space designs, such as ample top space and 2-2-2 three-row six-seat layout, and rotatable second row, which make long trips more enjoyable. In addition, SAIC Maxus RV strictly follows the vehicle development specifications in the whole vehicle structure design, parts development and other aspects related to vehicle quality and safety. It is worth mentioning that the body electrophoresis of SAIC Maxus RG10 ensures to achieve10-year excellent anti-corrosion quality, and has carbon fiber internal reinforcing frame for lifting roof, equipped with electric roof which can be lifted by one button, without manual intervention.

              SAIC Maxus is not only the first domestic RV enterprise which is able to develop synchronously with base models, but also the first RV enterprise to fully introduce the whole vehicle development process. It is also the first domestic RV enterprise to realize the development of batch C2B products. While providing leading products, it is also passing on the beauty of RV life. RV Life Home, the one-stop RV travel service platform innovatively created by SAIC Maxus, is a collection of RV strategy, travel notes, funny video and car friends social contact, and provides solutions for domestic and foreign RV rental, group travel and booking camp. Up to now, 鈥淩V Life Home鈥 has more than 3.2 million users, ranking first in the new Internet RV category, with more than 26 million page views on the Internet. SAIC Maxus will always stand firmly on the consumer鈥檚 point of view, based on the temperature products of consumer demands, as well as experiential, refined, scene marketing and operation, to provide users with an accessible RV life to achieve the RV smart travel vision 鈥渢ake home and head for the good.鈥

              The launch of SAIC Maxus G50 not only enables consumers to select a car fits them ahead of time, but also further enriches the MPV model lineup of SAIC Maxus. As more and more valuable products, such as RG10 and G50, enter the market, and the C2B innovation model is launched, SAIC Maxus will provide diversified vehicle demands for different consumers. In the future, SAIC Maxus will continue to introduce high-quality models, so that consumers鈥 car life can present more possibilities.

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